Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Do you work alone?

I usually build a team depending on the scope and profiles needed to reach the previously established project's goals.

2. What is a Design Sprint?

The sprint is a five/four-day process developed at Google Ventures for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing your ideas with customers. Interesting, isn’t it? Ask me more!

3. Do you like teaching
or run design workshops?

I do love to share my knowledge about design related topics, in fact, teaching is the best way of learnig. I’m always open to hear about your proposals so contact me here!

4. Have you seen this ugly design?

After 10 years in the design industry I’ve decided not to judge a design without knowing the context, needs and variables of the project. Is not about subjective opinions but to solve problems. The designer starts by solving a higher order problem and through a design process ends up finding an aesthetic or strategic solution.

5. How do I pronounce your name?

Proper way: əstéβə
You could also try with: Esteve, Esteban or Steve.